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Real time funds confirmation

Confirming the amount of that check or ACH is in your customers account at that very moment

Real time account status information

Find out if the account is open, closed, frozen, in a positive balance, negative balance and more.

Real time fraud information

Find out if that account has been tagged as a fraudulent account

Negative database coverage

Multiple negative databases that alert you if that account has dishonored checks out in the market at this time.

Positive database coverage

Providing you valuable insight on the positive history of that account giving you the peace of mind you are dealing with a good paying customer.

Maintain and update your proprietary negative database

Upload your own negative and positive payer data to further strengthen your current operations by having a single source verification system.

Data delivery

Real-time and batch processing available

Cloud reporting

Real-time reports that provide you with up to the second data on all your customer payments.

Multiple response codes

Detailed response codes tell you the exact status on the checking account in question


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